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  • Adult Boogie Board

     $6 Daily       $32 Weekly       Extra Week $15

    A boogie board is hours of fun for anyone in the water.  Play in the surf or kick around in the ocean here on Oahu.  Remember to check with a lifeguard before entering the water on any beach on Oahu.

    $6 Daily Select options
  • Beach Cabana

     $8 Daily       $40 Weekly       Extra Week $30

    The Beach Cabana provides enough shade for 2 adults and 1 child. With UPF Sun Protection it’s perfect for long days out in the sun.  Lightspeed Quick Shelter’s patented hub system and built-in poles is easy to set up and it has 2 large zippered windows.

    $8 Daily Select options
  • Beach Chair

     $3 Daily       $18 Weekly       $1 Per day after 1 week

    The Beach Chair is a must! You can take them with you anywhere on the island and have a comfortable place to sit. Pair it with the beach umbrella and you’re set!

    $3 Daily Select options
  • Beach Towels (set of 2)

     $2 Daily       $10 Weekly       Extra Week $5


    $2 Daily Select options
  • Beach Toys

     $1 Daily       $5 Weekly       Extra week $3

    The Beach Toys are a mix of buckets, shovels, and molds. They provide endless amounts of fun for all ages.


    $1 Daily Select options
  • Beach Umbrella

     $4 Daily       $16 Weekly       Extra Week $8

    The Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella has UV protection and is very easy to set up. It creates enough shade for 2 adults and a child.

    $4 Daily Select options
  • Cooler

     $5 Daily       $27 Weekly       Extra Week $10

    The Cooler has wheels and is a great pick. Roll down all your kids favorite drinks and snacks to the beach and keep them cold and fresh all day. Great for all day trips around the island.

    $5 Daily Select options
  • Kid’s Boogie Board

     $5 Daily       $25 Weekly       Extra Week $15

    Kid’s boogie board is hours of fun for kids in the water.  Smaller than a standard boogie board it’s perfect for your keiki to enjoy the ocean! Just a reminder to always check with lifeguard before entering the water at any beach in Hawaii.

    $5 Daily Select options