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  • Adult Bike

     $18 Daily       $80 Weekly       Extra Week $50

    The Beach Cruiser is a perfect way to explore the bike paths on the North Shore.  We only deliver bikes to North Shore.

    $18 Daily Select options
  • Adult Boogie Board

     $6 Daily       $32 Weekly       Extra Week $15

    A boogie board is hours of fun for anyone in the water.  Play in the surf or kick around in the ocean here on Oahu.  Remember to check with a lifeguard before entering the water on any beach on Oahu.

    $6 Daily Select options
  • Art Easel

     $10 Daily       $50 Weekly       Extra Week $25

    Art easel for kids are a great way to get bring out your child’s creative side.  A great activity for your toddler and older children on their vacation. Our art easel comes with paints, crayons , pens and paper.

    $10 Daily Select options
  • Baby Floaty

     $4 Daily       $17 Weekly       Extra week $1o



    $4 Daily Select options
  • Baby Gate

     $4 Daily       $17 Weekly       Extra week $12


    $4 Daily Select options
  • Baby Monitor

     $6 Daily       $23 Weekly       Extra Week $18

    The Baby Monitor allows you to hear your baby when you’re in a different room or area. Range is from 300-500 feet.

    $6 Daily Select options
  • Baby Swing

     $8 Daily       $35 Weekly       Extra week $20

    The Baby Swing is a great place to put your baby when they need to be calmed or soothed.  You can’t go wrong having a baby swing to calm your infant.

    $8 Daily Select options
  • Baby Toys

     $10 Daily       $40 Weekly       Extra Week $25

    The Baby toys are a mix of toys for your infant to one year old.

    $10 Daily Select options