How do I order and pay?
You can place your order and pay on the website via credit card. As soon as you place your order you will receive a confirmation and receipt via email. If you prefer to place your order over the phone that is fine too. To place an order over the phone please call 808-561-1061. Oahu Baby Rentals has a 48-hour cancellation policy. We will refund you for the full amount if you cancel your order 48 hours prior to delivery.  Once we deliver items we don’t refund for early termination of rental items.

How does it work?
Once you place your order you are all set. We will set up your delivery the day before your arrival with your accommodation. If we need any additional information from you we will contact you. Most of the time we are able to deliver your items before you even check in. We will then contact you the day before you leave to figure out a good pick up time. Our goal is to make it as hassle free for you as possible!

How much is delivery?
Delivery is only $30 and we deliver and pick up to your hotel or condo island wide.  If your order is over $200 we offer FREE delivery and pickup.  If you would like us to deliver to the airport it is an additional $20 ($50 total)- please call 808-465-6490 to set this up.

Will the items be in the room when we arrive?
If it’s possible to deliver items before you check in we will do our best to get it setup for you before you arrive. If the hotel or condo does not allow this we will deliver your items to your hotel or condo after you check in. When you reserve items online you will add your check in details so we can schedule delivery at the appropriate time. You are responsible to notify the hotel or place of rental in advance that we will be making a delivery. We will also follow up with hotels on our end as well. Please provide us with information of where you are staying and contact person so we can schedule delivery and pick up.

How do we arrange for pick-up of the items when we leave?
We will contact you the day before you leave to arrange a pickup time that works well for everyone.

Is there a minimum order?
There is a $50 minimum order and/or a 3 day minimum order of items.  

Are your cribs full size?
We only carry standard full size wooden cribs like you would have at home. Our standard cribs can fold and be moved to different rooms in your hotel. We assemble our executive cribs in the room and once it is assembled it will not fit through most doorways. When you place your order we will ask you to specify the room you would like the crib set up in. 

How do you clean your equipment?
We disinfect all of our baby equipment rentals using a combination of steam cleaning plus natural, earth friendly, and baby friendly products.( This is my biggest concern for my own children as I don’t ever want them coming close to chemicals!).

Do you deliver car seats to the airport?
We can deliver car seats to the airport for an additional $20 ($50 total delivery).  Please call 808-561-1061 to set this up.  We are not authorized to install carseats.  It is best to refer to the manufacture’s guide for installation.

I need something that is not listed on your website.  Do you possibly carry it?
Yes, many times we have other things available that are not on the website.  Just call us to see if we have something specific.  Often we are able to meet your baby’s needs!